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Hand-Split Thin Veneer (Thin Wallstone)

Thin Veneer

Thin Veneer


Hand-Split Thin Veneer ranges in thickness from 3/4” to 2” with a nominal face range of 4” to 18”. Average coverage is approximately 100 to 110 square feet per ton when laid flat (mosaic style) and approximately 20 to 25 square feet per ton when laid on edge (drystack). Expect a waste factor of 25% to 30% in drystack applications due to shaping and trimming of the individual stones. Footings are required when Thin Veneer is applied as a facade. Recommended footing widths are 4” for mosaic applications and 10” for drystack and semi-stack applications (measuring from the face of the unfinished wall).

The thumbnails below are only general representations of colors and textures.  Click on any thumbnail to view various specifications and learn more about a particular product.
Available Colors

Veneer - Autumn Brown
Autumn Brown

Veneer - Black Regency
Black Regency

Veneer - Carolina Rose
Carolina Rose

Veneer - Catawba Brown
Catawba Brown

Veneer - Catawba Gray
Catawba Gray

Veneer - Chocolate Gray
Chocolate Gray

Veneer - Dove Gray
Dove Gray

Veneer - Duke Blend
Duke Blend

Veneer - Emerald Forest
Emerald Forest

Veneer - Emerald Gray
Emerald Gray

Veneer - Laurel Cabin
Laurel Cabin

Veneer - Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue

Veneer - Mojave

Veneer - Mountain Brown
Mountain Brown

Veneer - Mountain Cabin
Mountain Cabin

Veneer - Mountain Mist
Mountain Mist

Veneer - Palomino

Veneer - Pisgah Gray
Pisgah Gray

Veneer - Roan Valley Dark
Roan Valley Dark

Veneer - Roan Valley Lite
Roan Valley Lite

Veneer - Sea Mist Green
Sea Mist Green

Veneer - Silver Brown
Silver Brown

Veneer - Swiss Sparkle
Swiss Sparkle


Installation Styles

Veneer - Mosaic

Veneer - Drystack

Veneer - Semi-Stack (No Joints)
Semi-Stack (No Mortar Joints)

Veneer - Semi-Stack (Visible Joints)
Semi-Stack (Visible Mortar Joints)

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